Is the 'Year mfg.' on all i.d. tags?

housefairySeptember 13, 2010

My son is going to purchase a used set. However, it would be nice to verify the age of the machine.

I can plainly see the manufacture date on my set. However, is the year manufactured on all the model/serial number tags on all washers/dryers? Or is it encrypted in the numbers and you need a "play" book to figure it out?

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Model numbers are usually coded with the year of introduction to the market.

Serial numbers are coded with the date of manufacture, typically either year & month or year & week.

Each manufacturer uses a different coding syntax. Some are fairly easy to figure out, others require a decoding chart.

Some manufacturer coding methods are outlined here: How old is my appliance?

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Thanks for the info Dadoes.

Duh...I should have googled. I was hoping that maybe the first number in the serial number would be the clue. But it looks like I need to take a chart to figure out the letters.

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