Converting to LED Path lights

dmoore66March 16, 2014

I presently have 22-11 watt path lights connected to a 600 watt transformer using 14 gauge wire.
I am going to buy 22 LED path lights with one watt bulb per fixture.
Do I need to buy a smaller transformer?
I would like to replace the old weathered wire. What gauge can I use for the lower wattage?

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Changing the power supply depends on the requisite voltage and current draw the new lights need. If there is nothing wrong with the wire and the anticipated current draw does not exceed the existing system, there is no need to replace it.

Otherwise, you'd need to use a wiring gauge calculator to figure things out.

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The transformer is capable of lighting 600 watts, maximum. That doesn't mean it's pushing 600 watts. The transformer only pushes what's required by the lights, or in your case, 22 watts.

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