Speed Queen? Whirlpool? which TLwasher to buy?

suz16September 28, 2008

I saw the Speed Queen washer in a shop and I like it. It seems sturdy from what I can tell, and has features I want. The dealer highly recommends it. He also carries Whirpool and said it's "probably good enough". It doesn't seem as well made and I don't care for the agitator that much.

My trusty repairman said that Speed Queen was beset with problems and expensive and difficult to repair. He's ADAMENT I get Whirlpool. He said all washers today are junk- but Whirlpool is the best of them. He said the clip attached to the drive will break in 3 years, but is easy to replace.

I called a parts store for advice, they said the same and were surprised Speed Queen still exists. They said Whirlpool is fine if I don't overload it.

I hate knowing in advance something's going to break, but I don't know that the Speed Queen wouldn't either.

I don't want to insult my repair guy who has always been

great, I don't know if the issue is worth divorcing him over and I really don't have enough data about the Speed Queen. I learned the pre-2004 models were a problem but now they're being made in their original factory again.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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The Speed Queen resedential washers being sold today are not the units they used to sell in the 80s-90s. From what I have gathered which may be wrong Speed Queen units were rebadged Amanas for the home. Speed Queen is under a different company and went back to an older more proven design that is very close to what they sell commercially.

Everything I heard about the Speed Queens being sold today from dealers, repair people and even the delivery guys are that they are very reliable.

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Thanks for your reply, briant. Speed Queen looks really good to me but I risk losing a long-time,valued repairman over the issue. I think I'll try to get repair data from Speed Queen Co. directly.

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Check out their website, they have a 3yr warranty.

I just bought a used 4 yr old FL SQ and love it.

Its way better than the Whirlpool Duet that I have now in my garage, its only 4 months old.

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A few questions -
1) Have you gone to speed queen website for service centers nearby you?

2) Does the dealer selling speed queen service them?

3) They do have a 3 years parts/labor, so you shouldn't need to pay a service guy until the end of year 3.

I understand wanting to keep someone you trust in the loop but if he hasn't been brought up to speed on SQ design then he probably would not be a good bet to attempt servicing those products. Whirlpool and new Maytags are pretty standard builds that should have good parts availibity.

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You will enjoy the SQ MUCH more. It has the spin drain instead of neutral drain like Wpool which for me means cleaner clothes. It also has a suspension system that keeps the load from banging and walking if off balance/Wpool doesnt, they just knock/bang and walk till you stop it.
I think the Wpool would be a good machine just not as much so as the SQ. The SQ is a heavier washer and also spins faster than the Wpool.
My sister has a SQ and has had no problems at all. They are just simple sturdy machines.
If they were so bad, how could the company give the warranty they do??? Whirlpool is 1 year on everythign as far as I know. SQ is 3 years on everything, then 10 years on the transmission, 5 years on rust, lifetime on the tubs. Also SQ uses a metal outer tub and a stainless steel inner tub where Wpool uses a plastic outer and a porcelain inner.
Dont think you will regret the SQ. Ask your dealer if you try the SQ and dont like it if he will exchange it for a Wpool. Dont worry about the repairman, he might be retired by the time the SQ quits!!

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Thanks everyone, for all your helpful advice.

I called Speed Queen (Alliance-Ripon, WI). They couldn't have been nicer. Explained their history, tech. specifications, everything. EXCEPT.. they said they didn't have reliability data. I find that surprising.
However, when I asked about repairability and whether a talented homeowner could make repairs, if necessary, the answer was yes.
Not only is it servicable completely from the front- they do sell a repair manual and a DVD that shows how.
I'm going to take another look at SQ at the dealer.

It's true, although my dependable repair guy seems pretty robust now, I suppose he could retire in the future, or leave me for a better customer. But he's really been great.

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Perhaps Speed Queen can fill in where Maytag left off.

For decades, buying Maytag meant paying more but getting something of high quality.

Around 1997 the bonehead management at Maytag discovered that selling junk with the Maytag name on it resulted in huge profits. And the company with a proud 100 year history was destroyed in just 10 years.

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curiousshopper, it sounds like there may have been a change of ownership and/or management around that time. I've seen changes at Wal*Mart since Sam Walton died.

All I can say about Maytag now is that I love my HE TL Bravos washer and dryer. Whirlpool bought Maytag in 2006.

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Speed Queen's current machines are simple, built like a tank, and easy to repair.

My parents own a cattle ranch in Montana. I went to visit, and Mom was glad I was there because her 6-month old Speed Queen (that I sold her) was"making a horrible noise" and wouldn't drain. Since she's about 50 miles from the nearest servicer, I popped the front panel off, and noticed that the belt was slipping on the pump, which appeared to be frozen.

I took the pump apart (a very simple process), and took out the nail that was stuck inside. Reassembly took about 5 minutes, and it's been flawless since. I know that everyone can't do this, but I was very impressed with the simplicity and heavy duty build of the machines.

It cleans well and is simple to operate. Of course it uses more water than HE models, but reviews say that HE doesn't always clean as well as full agitator models.

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Had new SQ dryer installed last week. It works well on timed cyle. Test load took under 30 mins. Test load on automatic took over 75 minutes, at which time I stopped it.

Now my old reliable washer is acting up from the re-installation. The new serviceman came back and fixed a leak but replaced the tub off kilter. We had to shut the gas today because we think there's a leak from the new dryer. So I'll need to call service again.

I was researching cost of new washer parts and found that SQ parts ARE more expensive. SQ pumps are listed as plastic(!) and are one of the items SQ rep. said may require replacement from time to time (as well as belts). New pumps are over $200 without labor.

I miss my old repair guy- but I was unfaithful, and no longer worthy of his attention.
Hope the new guy is worth it!

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Hi Suz,
I got a speedqueen washer last week (model 76) & like it very much. I think you will be happy with it.
After it came, it was making a little squeek with the agitator & I called SQ. They said there was a notice out about needing more grease on the agitator with my serial number (my luck). I called one of the service companies listed & the next day a very nice fellow came out & took off the agitator, added a little more grease & no more squeek.
I don't think it's any different repairing this machine than any other. I don't know about the prices after the warranty ends. I have a service company that I use with a contract on all my older appliances & I'm sure they can repair speed queens too.
I found out about SQ washers from this web site. After reading about all the new machines and the problems with them, I think I made the best choice for me from the regular top loaders out there.
Since I was getting a top loader I knew I didn't want any electronics. I like being able to stop it & add extra time,etc.
I do have a Miele dishwasher with all electronics that I love, but I got it because it did have lots of rinses on it. (Anyway it did 3 years ago, who knows how they're made today.)

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I am having a problem with my SQ washer recently purchased(4-28-11) 4 times since i have used thewasher when I go back downstairs to get the clothes out of the dryer I notice that the washer time is making a humming noise and i have to pull? the timer out to stop the cycle. I realize once or twice could be human error,but 4 times there is a problem ..any susggetions on where I should go with this

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