Who makes Micro Fluorescent with Frosted Lense

rrs626March 26, 2009

I'm looking for micro fluorescent undercab lights that have a frosted cover to cut down on glare on granite countertop. Anyone know who might make something like that?

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Reflection in a highly polished countertop is going to occur no matter what. Fluorescent is already helping compared with point sources like halogen, xenon or LED where you see very bright dots in the countertop. Alkco Lighting has frosted lenses available for their halogen and Xenon fixtures and stippled lenses for their Little Inch fluorescent fixtures. The angles involved can affect this too. This is one instance where having the fixture away from the wall will help a little because it changes the angle. As you approach the counter you will have to get your head over it to see the fixture but if it is against the wall you'll see it sooner such as when standing near the counter.

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