Can I use higher than recommended wattage in fixture?

jeannettecMarch 10, 2009

I bought a ceiling fixture approved for three 60-watt bulbs. I need more light in my home office. I called the store that sold me the light and the manufacturer to see if I could have the fixture altered to accept a total of 300 watts and neither could help me.

Can I get the fixture adjusted? What will happen if I use three 100-watt bulbs instead of the 60 watt bulbs recommended?



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The reason they limit bulb wattage in any fixture is based on the heat (not light) put out by incandescent bulbs. Compact fluorescent or LED bulbs put out much less heat per amount of light emitted. If you put three 100 watt regular (incandescent) bulbs into that fixture, you risk a fire or at least damaging the fixture and ceiling.

You should be able to safely run three CF bulbs that each put out the equivalent light of a 100 watt bulb.

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Thanks, Jeff! I tried three fluorescent bulbs and they work well. They turn on right away at a lower wattage but, in about a minute, they are at full brightness. I never liked florescent lighting because the old kind used to flicker when turned on but I see they've made big improvements. Your suggestion also had a side benefit. My printer and my overhead light must be on the same line because when I used to print something, the overhead light would flicker for about 15 minutes until the printer went back "to sleep."

With the florescent bulbs, the flicker is much less and only for as long as the printer is actually printing. I was going to have an electrician rewire the overhead light but now I may be able to live with it! Thanks again,


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