best washer/dryer rec for comforters?

michoumonsterSeptember 20, 2011

Hi all,

I was wondering which front loading washer/dryer pairs can handle large king comforters? i currently have a whirlpool duet which can handle it, but for my next washer/ dryer, I would like to explore other options. Any recs?

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Did you find out what washer filled your needs?

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hi cleanteamofny, no, still haven't found one. I am interested in asko and miele, but wonder if they might be too small to fit a king size down comforter?

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It may be alittle too small for it, but you should take a comforter to those appliance dealers and load the machine. Also you should be able to close the door without forcing it like your Duet. The washer you can get around the size barrier but I would focus more on the dryer because down needs room to open and dry completely.

Keep us posted on your progress!

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thanks cleanteamofny. i never thought of bringing my laundry to the dealers! good point about the dryer. it does seem after the comforter gets wet, it is not that big. but will need a large dryer to puff back up.

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