Can we change the finish on this light fixture?

NewEnglandSaraMarch 23, 2013

Hi there,

We have been looking for a light fixture for above our kitchen table for about a year! :-) We just found a fixture we really, really like, but the finish is rubbed bronze (and doesn't match the silvery/brushed nickel finish in the rest of the space.) We are wondering if there is any way we can modify this light, and we would love input from people who have more experience than we do. The fixture is below:

My husband was thinking of a few options:

1) Unwrap the electrical cord, wrap/tape the light and spray paint the chain, ceiling cap and the place where the chain meets the fixture with some sort of metal-safe spray paint in a silvery color. (Could we even find a color that would look okay?)

2) Buy a new chain and ceiling plate in brushed nickel/silvery finish and then somehow paint the section where the chain meets the fixture. (However, how could we match the paint to the chain and ceiling cap?

In either scenario, there is some rubbed bronze finish inside the light, but it is somewhat harder to see since the glass is gray and fuzzy.

If it helps, here is the other main light in the space (above our island) and we bought a brushed silvery ceiling plate for it:

Could something like this help or would it probably not work with a non-Pottery Barn fixture?

We welcome any thoughts about how this might (or might not) work!

Thanks so much,


Here is a link that might be useful: Crate and Barrel glint pendant

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I think your idea is good. But the first picture you show seems a little dark and actually I don't like the light

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You can have a look at this website.
maybe it will help you out!
There are differenct base type of bulbs.

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