Changing flush-mount ceiling lights

LinelleMarch 28, 2009

I have 3 flush-mounted ceiling lights in my hall (9-ft. ceilings) that are vintage 1991 cheap hideous. I'm having my house's entire interior painted soon and it's time for these ugly things to go. In keeping it simple and staying within budget, I'd like to replace them with more updated fixtures. Is it as easy as it sounds? I know about turning off the power. Then just matching up the wires? Is this something I can do alone? I don't use the hall lights that much (thanks to a Solatube), except at night when I need to see something in the laundry room. Do I have to use fluorescent bulbs?

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Yes you can do it. Just don't trust that you have the power off till you actually test it. You should put a note on the switch that disabled the power that you may be killed if anyone turns it back on before you finish.

The trick is in holding the fixture while you make the wire connections. Professional electricians have three hands or a clever way to accomplish this alone. Test your wire connection by tugging a bit on each wire while holding the wirenut to make sure the wires are secure. If things didn't go well when inserting into the wirenut they'll often pop right out when you do this step.

Please explain your fluorescent question.

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Thanks dim4fun. Sounds like I might want to have an assistant holding the fixture (on a separate ladder) while I'm doing the wires.

The fluorescent question. I don't like the look of fluorescent light. Do all fixtures use both fluor. and incand. bulbs, or do I need to ask when I'm at the store? I was just afraid there's some Go Green Edict that might force me to use fluorescent.

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