Video of my Duet Drain/spin/rinse

mark40511September 22, 2010

I put this on another forum but thought I'd put it here in case anyone wanted to see. I made three videos, but wanted you guys to see how much water my Duet uses to rinse (this machine is from 2004) It's a Duet GHW9300 with heater with the pink/green buttons and the cheap handle that many complained about (although the handle on mine is still good)

Here is a link that might be useful: Duet washer drain/spin/rinse

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And this might be interesting today because...........?

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OH!!!!!!! Did I post this in the WRONG forum? My apologies. I wish I could take it away.

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Don't sweat it Mark, I was looking forward to your video to see your increased water level in your duet. Good job buddy!

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Good come back Mark! I will check out the video, I forgot you altered your washer to add more water to it

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One of my reasons for posing this is because I'm not even sure I did increase water levels.....Way back I went through a phase of trying to adjust it.....Then I would either get way too much or back to regular default levels....I could NOT find a happy medium. If what we are seeing are increased water levels, it's not by much. To me, it looks almost as it did when I first got it before messing with it. If it is using more water, it's not by much....To me it seems like it uses a little more in the rinses though

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