Juno 206 vs 216 - what differences should I expect?

rojo-10March 22, 2010


I'm putting new Juno IC20R recessed lights in my kitchen. The kitchen has an 8' ceiling. But I can't decide between the 206 and the 216 trim. I think it would be nice to have the light more concealed by using the 206 deep cone, but I don't want to sacrifice the effect of the lighting by such a recess. Do I have anything to worry about?

I realize the 216 will take a 75W bulb, but it's not a big deal to me whether I have 75W or 50W. So other than that, are there any differences I can expect between the lighting effect from these two trims?

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You didn't mention the housing you have.

The deep trim is not well suited to 8' ceiling use unless you purposely spaced the fixtures with this in mind. It's better for higher ceilings with narrow floods or spot lamps.

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Thanks dim4fun. I mentioned that I will be using the IC20R housings. At present we are planning on spacing the lights 34" apart on-center. These will be over countertop edges only, with another central fixture hanging in the center of the kitchen. My wife is worried that the beam spread from the deep cone trim will be too narrow and focused compared to the regular cone trim. But I like the idea of having the lamp as hidden as possible up inside the trim. Any thoughts?

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Try one of each. With a central fixture to help light inside the upper cabinets you may be able to use either one.

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We used the Juno 206 wheat haze alzak with white trim outer ring. DH spaced them 44" apart. Our ceilings are 8'. Used same cans Juno IC20R. The 206 were more expensive than the 216. With the 206 you can use a long neck or short neck bulb-we currently have in PAR30 long neck halogen floods 50 watt and there is a ton of light-so much that we will be putting in dimmer switches. The 216 trims are better than the 206 if they are going in a "wet" area. They also can take a 75 watt bulb. When I e-mailed laner.com I was told they don't carry the 216 on their website but could get it for me. Was told it's not as popular. When I talked to Juno tech-3 different guys recommended 3 different set ups. Bottom line is that the IC20R can take the 206, 207, or 216 and maybe even others but those were the 3 I was considering. Of course, I ended up with the most expensive. I do like them but the others would probably have turned out nice too. Good luck!

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