LG glass door front loader-kinda a review

petalpatsySeptember 10, 2010

I'm usually at quilting forum, and posted this on appliances, but maybe it should go here?

This machine washes all your clothes with squirt guns. You can see in, thanks to the glass doors, and there is NO visible water level. The water jets from the bin sides do all the washing, pulling up from a bottom holding tank below the drum. It uses little water and takes half the recommended amount of detergent.

After several months, I know clothes get clean, though, and I'm loving the heat assisted, longer sanitary cycle because it keeps the water hot through out the wash cycle. I've been really surprised to actually notice my clothes are cleaner. The regular wash cycle is an hour (sanitize 1' 47") with the first ten minutes used to get the clothes completely wet, as the machine stops and pauses to pull more water. It's like a washing machine for Dune.

The long wash cycle includes a spin cycle that is freaking amazing. It does vibrate (my old machine sounded like a jet taking off so for me it's a huge improvement) because it spins incredibly fast, and when it's done you have to really feel the clothes because they already feel mostly dry. That means they are also really, REALLY light, and easy to get out. BEWARE: you can't change the washer door opening side. The hinge must stay on the left, which is a bit of a bummer surprise for me as my washer must sit on the right. The actual dryer just finishes things off and things get dry in about thirty minutes.

Heaven knows how much energy it saves, a bunch I'd think. The downside is that there's no water level to really float out and flush away trimmings from my son's haircuts. The cat hair/dog hair seems to wash away adequately, or fluffs out into the dryer filter. Only the one t-shirt he took off afterward and said was still itchy.

You also have to leave the door open to let the rubber seals dry so they won't mildew (which happened to my old front loader because nobody warned me.) They recommend a tub clean cycle, no clothes, with bleach in the detergent compartment once a month. There IS a water level with that, of about six inches, which came as a surprise after getting used to no water level. The tub still tumbles like usual with hot water and has a rinse cycle to clear the bleach, but of course not so much of a spin.

They say "do not include clothes" in the tub clean cycle. But of course I'm thinking next hair cut I'm using tub clean with detergent as a pre-wash for the t-shirts.

I wonder about all you who use color catchers, and whether they would be as effective in this machine.

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Good review! Oh my..........Tub clean as a pre wash. That should be interesting. Not sure if it would damage machine or not since it does those odd tumbles to clean the tub. At any rate, that would be a WILD pre wash cycle (LOL)

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From what I have read, you can't use the tub clean with clothes in it, the washer will sense the weight and either not fill, or fill and drain the water out.

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Ah well then, I'm thwarted again. Gasp--I might have to resort to a hand rinse in the sink!

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I use color catchers in my Bosch front loader and they work great. I don't use them all the time, just when I wash fairly new clothes. It's amazing how much color they can catch. Sometimes I throw in just half a sheet when I don't expect much color bleeding and it still turns slightly blue or gray.
Color transfers are a bigger issue in front loaders since they use so little water that the colors are pretty concentrated. It's not always practical to separate all loads by colors and the color catchers are a great solution!

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