Which Miele??

mayartSeptember 30, 2012

I have been reading here over the years & had decided that I wanted a Miele washing machine when it came time to get the next one. Our local dealer only has a w4840 (demo), a w4802, and possibly a w4842 if the sales guy can find it at one of their other locations.

Given these choices, if you were me, which would you get & why? I have to make a fairly quick decision & I don't want to chose the wrong one!! Thanks!

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Go straight for the W4842 as there were many revisions along the way with the washer. These revisions include, but are not limited to:

  • Revised door latching assembly.

  • Revised tub-to cabinet door gasket retaining ring (nylon versus metal).

  • Newer, larger, and 180 degree flip of the glass porthole.

  • Firmware revisions (that can be uploaded using a proprietary software by an authorized Miele Tech, if applicable to the other two models you have listed).

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Thank you, fahrenheit! I just called the salesman we talked to on Saturday & he told me that there are some 4842s that he could get for us. One is a scratch & dent (hopefully with a good price!!). He is still waiting on prices & will call me back when he has them.
I am hoping that the scratch & dent will be a good price, so that I don't have to dither around trying to figure out if I should go for one of the cheaper models.
The w4840 is $1,199.95 and the w4840 is $1,599.95. I'm going to get a pedestal for whichever one I get. Wish that I could use the still new-looking pedestal from my Whirlpool Duet that I will be junking.
Thanks again! :)

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