What should I have in my laundry room?

nikkidanSeptember 23, 2011

Our laundry room is about 10X11....so far I have washer and dryer, sink, counters and cabinets in there. Our upright freezer will be in the garage, the kids cubbies are in the mudroom area. Is there anything I might want in my laundry room that I'm not thinking of that would be useful there? I don't need an ironing board.

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Something to hang stuff on....like shirts just out of the dryer, for instance.

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A garbage can for lint from the dryer.

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Here are some good suggestions. Based on this post I enlarged my laundry room and included an area for crafts and other projects.

Here is a link that might be useful: clutter room

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These are cool.

Here is a link that might be useful: Amish dryer

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Sink if you can, trash can, a line or rod to hang clothes. a folding area (counter or a table) if you have room. shelves or cabinets for products. good bright lighting helps.

my area is in a basement and is not as nice as a main floor room but I have a cabinet, a bright light over my work area, lines to hang clothes, and a trash can next to the dryer. I have a small island counter that a builder put a very small dent in the top of at a friends house that going to put legs on and use for a folding table. I got that for free and am going to make use of it instead of it going to the trash.

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