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suetexSeptember 8, 2011

I need some serious help picking out a new w/d. I apologize in advanced if this is long, but please bare with me:)

I just purchased a new w/d about a month ago and absolutely HATE my dryer. I love the washer so far but my dryer takes two and three cycles to dry. Its a whirlpool energy saver type (sorry dont know the exact name) to me i dont think its very energy efficiant when i have to run more then one cycle. I have tried everything. Different settings, different temps, different size loads. Luckily best buy is taking it back after day 29 out of 30 day return policy. Now i need a new one.

I did days of research and these two machines rated the best, even though i was unsatisfied. I went to lowes and the man was very helpful telling me that its best to have a washer and dryer that match (same brand) said that the problem with the energy saver ones is that you have to get the matching washer beacause my current washer may not be spining enough water out. He also explained that lint could be trapped from the outside vent. He then showed me a few different w/d. He showed me the f/l with no aggitator. I didnt even know these exsisted! All these options are just stressing me out! I had no idea there where so many different types and so many settings on w/d. then i found this site and read so many great articles and feed back. So again sorry for the long story but i am ready to just throw in the towel:)

Here is what i need:

a washer that cleans well

a dryer that drys well in one cycle

I really dont need anything fancy, with multiple settings it just confuses me. I dont want a f/l but maybe this whole no aggitator t/l is worth a try?

I also dont care if its noisy, shakes, or is the ugliest thing.

something that is not expensive, meaning nothing over 600 per unit. I bought a w/d combo for 300 together and loved it. unfortunatly i gave it away after my husband deployed and now stuck with something horrible i spent a lot more on.

it seems that the harmony has good reviews or Fisher-Paykel(i never heard of) The cabrio he seems to have such conflict i dont think its worth getting. And do i need an he? are the t/l with no aggitators worth it? its just me, my husband, our black lab, and a one year old. I have never pre soaked anything in my life or used bleach. Any advice on what would be best and an explaination would be very appreciated. Thanks

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"He also explained that lint could be trapped from the outside vent."

Have you checked your vent/duct path between the wall and the outside? If it's clogged, no dryer will function properly. Cleaning it out worked for a friend of mine after I suggested it. She was ready to buy a new dryer. $aved her a ton of money.

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There's no need to have a matching-pair washer and dryer other than for the appearance. I've been running a non-matched set (different brands, even) for the past 3 years.

But do make sure the capacities are compatible for load-size.

Dryers are very simple machines compared to washers and there's not much effective difference from model or brand to another. They all pretty much don't do anything more than tumble the clothes in heated air to absorb and blow away the moisture that's left after washing.

Also regards to energy-saver dryers ... that's questionable. There's nothing manufacturers can do to make dryers inherently more efficient, which is why dryers are *not* EnergyStar rated. Any dryer should (and can) dry just as well as any other, given proper parameters in which to function ... which means a clear, unobstructed exhaust path, as short and straight as possible to the outside. This does NOT mean ONLY the length of flexduct or whatever you may have that connects the dryer to the wall. It includes the ENTIRE distance of the exhaust path inside the wall or attic to where it exits and blows outside. You surely have a problem in that area when 2 or 3 cycles are required to get a load dry ... there's a clog somewhere, or the ducting between the dryer and wall is crushed or kinked or too long or has too many curves/bends.

As Cavimum says, no dryer will work properly on a clogged exhaust. A different dryer will not fix that problem.

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