Sink lighting mounted too high in master

NewEnglandSaraMarch 14, 2012

Hi All,

We have a long double vanity in our master bath with a tall linen cabinet at the end. We bought triple bath sconces, and our electrician put them up very high so that they would not intersect with the linen cabinet. Now, we can switch to double or single sconces to avoid a light overhanging the linen cabinet, but the height of the lighting is HIGH! :-) It will be costly to move the boxes down, so we are trying to work with them. Any tips on bath lighting (the type that goes above the mirror and sink) that might look less odd when mounted so high? We are ready to buy something new and to hopefully find an solution that doesn't make us cringe as much as we are cringing about the lights right now....(We have one electrical box above each sink's mirror...)

Thanks so much!


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