A question about gunk

kcredSeptember 16, 2011

Specifically, gunk buildup in the washer.

We use Tide HE liquid. I'm thinking liquid detergents are more water soluble than powders.

We had a repair tech in today who had to disassemble the basket assembly in our washer. Gunk galore!

So, is gunk an unavoidable hazard in washers? We run a "clean me" cycle as recommended by the washer manufacturer (F&P).

Liquids or powders, is there a difference?

Thanks for any help in this!

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I have a friend with a 4 y/o Cabrio or Oasis (am thinking its the Oasis) TL who had to have something repaired on it, recently. She and the tech looked at the tub while it was pulled apart and she only had one small spot of gunk. When she bought the washer, she was advised to use 1/2 the recommended dose of liquid detergent (she told me her machine can't take powders) on the product packaging, and has always followed that advice.

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(she told me her machine can't take powders)I can't fathom any reason for any washer being unable to use powdered detergent.

kcred, liquid detergents can be a cause of "gunk" moreso than powders. Depends on water conditions. There was a fellow on here some while ago who had chronic trouble with gunking in his F&P. He'd pull the basket and clean it all, then find gunk accumulating again within weeks. They switched to powder detergent and the problem was solved.

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My parent just bought a Samsung HE top loader. It clearly states in the owners manual not to use powdered detergents. Since my mom uses Persil powder, she was not happy with that. I told her, I think it is because powders sometimes have an issues with all of it getting flush through the dispenser, even with hot water. This is the case at times with my LG wave force, so I just put the powder in first and then the clothes. I havent had any issues with doing this.

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I think someone should email the manufacturer about "why" powders are not acceptable. I find that fascinating.

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The only reason I can imagine a washer not doing well with powders would be with tapwater cold washes. In the dead of winter, a lot of powders won't dissolve in icy cold water, and consumers would be upset. My guess is that mfrs avoid the whole issue, most likely, by saying "liquids only."

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Considering the viscosity of a typical liquid detergent, they would also be somewhat challenged to dissolve and disperse properly in icy-cold water.

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