They're here! Family and new German wash goodies!!

larsi_gwSeptember 20, 2011

I don't know what was better...seeing my family, or having them open their suitcases with all my German wash goodies?? I told them: "Hurry up, get undressed, shower and give me your clothes, so I can wash them". LOL They understand my sickness, and complied! LOL

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OMG ... Christmas in September!! Have SO much fun (like I know you will).

Let us know how you like everything. I'm expecting full reviews.

My parents German visiter had to cancel for this trip so any new products for me will have to wait.

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Please say hi to your family from us. Love the goodies your family brought you!

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Danke Livebetter and Fahrenheit. I did a load with the new Persil ActicPower super concentrated liquid detergent and Vernel Trockner Frisch (dryer fresh) softener. AMAZING. This is the best Persil I have ever used. My family said they even switched to this, from the regular Persil Liquid. Only a little is needed (about 37ml) for a full load. Only a little sudsing, clean rinses, EVERY stain/smell/mark removed...and the smell of clean, Persil!

The Vernel softener was great too. Nicely scented, but not overpowering at all, and the smell was clean and old fashioned...nothing sweet, fruity or tropical.

I can't wait to try the anti-bacterial softener on sheets and towels tomorrow. Yes...Weihnachtszeit im September!!

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Larsi, where did you get the improved persil from? I never seen it before.

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@ family brought it from Germany. They bought it in Erfurt, which is the capital city of the Bundesland Thuringen (but it is available all over Germany). Sadly, it does not appear to be available in the USA. It is AMAZING!! So concentrated, yet the rinses are so clear, and the results were so great. Stains from my 5 year old son came out right away. Impressive!

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Absolutely, the cleanest I have ever achieved in our Miele is with Persil; best for darks, Perwoll; best fabric softener, Vernel.

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@Larsi, isn't the Actic like a cold water detergent? That's what I read on line about it. Did you use it with cold water?

I wish these products didn't smell so strong.

I was washing white towels today and I stood there pondering using Persil Universal perls (too much time on my hands clearly). In the end, I opted for Vaska with oxygen bleach.

I know the Persil products work so well, I'm always afraid of the scent commitment.

Even Tide powder HE is not nearly as strong IMO.

Glad you're enjoying them!

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...I'm always afraid of the scent commitment.Well, that's a new one for the books, "scent commitment". I like it!

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A long time ago I got a box of Persil Bio powder. It had a very strong scent. So strong in fact just sitting in the box on the shelf in the laundry room stunk up the entire house!
It reeked on the other side of a 2500ft house. I couldn't believe it.
My solution? I put it on a shelf in the garage for a month or two. With the garage door opening and closing all the time the detergent eventually "cooled off" as far as the scenting went. I then brought the box in the house and opened it up and began using it. The scent was fine and the clothes were unbelievably clean.

You know, why can't American detergent mfgs realize that there is a market for low sudsing easy rinsing detergent out there? That's an entire market they are ignoring!

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