Miele W1986 Cold Water Intake Problem...

lee280zxSeptember 8, 2012

I started getting a blinking light beside the "Water Intake" indicator on my W1986 (accompanied by the constant beeping and shut-down of the cycle).

I spent this morning trying to track the problem down. I disconnected both supply hoses on both ends. I checked all of the filters (including the ones that are just inside the back of the washing machine where both water supply hoses connect). There were no obstructions.

I also checked the flow from each spigot for the water hoses, and the water flow for both spigots was very strong. I then checked the hoses by connecting them to the spigots on one end and leaving them disconnected on the other end. I turned on the spigots, and water shot through fine.

I reconnected everything and tried to run a cycle. Here's what I found: The hot water comes through at a nice, full flow with problem at all (I pulled the detergent drawer out and verified this). However, the cold water just barely trickles out if I turn on a cold water cycle.

I almost never wash anything in cold water (if that could have anything to do with the problem). The machine will start washing on a hot water setting just fine, but then it shuts down later in the cycle when I presume it needs cold water (to rinse, I presume).

What could be causing this? Is there anything else I can do to try to correct the problem myself?

I live in an area with hard water, so I could try running some CLR through to clean out any hard water deposits. I was thinking I could put some in the cold water hose and then run a cold cycle. Would there be anything wrong with trying that?

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water intake valve probably needs to be replaced.

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Miele was out to fix the same problem on our machine. They pre-shipped the part to the Miele Repair Site. Here is the part info from their invoice. We also paid service fee.
03801391 INLET VALVE 3/4 INCH (COLD) 224.48

Our machine is a w1930. If memory serves me right, over its 10 year time with us we have had to replace a broken door hinge (plastic mechanism as I recall), and the large rubber gasket in the front of the machine tore. We also replaced all the hoses once when the machine was moved out to paint.

Hope yours is working by now.

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