mounting receptacles horizontally - faceplates

chris2009March 21, 2009

I want to install above-cabinet switched receptacles for lighting. My wife and I are tall, so we are trying to hide the above-cabinet receptacles as much as possible.

If I mount the recptacles horizontally, does anyone know if a faceplate exists that is bacically the size of the receptacles face (unlike normal faceplates which surround a receptacle by as much as 50% of its width on either side).

If there were such a faceplate, it would be easier to hide the receptacle.

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Receptacle cover plates are designed to cover the receptacle box and a bit more to hide the edge of the drywall. If you don't have enough molding on top of the cabinet to hide a receptacle then put the receptacle somewhere else where it can't be seen.

What kind of lighting are you putting on top of the cabinets? Some fixtures have junction boxes and don't need a receptacle.

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Originally I was going to hardwire everything, but it would be nice to change the over cabinet lighting from time to time.

I had heard a rumor there was a unique faceplate available that was, from the best I can figure, designed to be nearly invisible. I will plan for moulding, just in case.

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There are receptacle covers that are designed to be painted. HD was stocking them.

Wiremold makes thin receptacle strips but these are surface mounted.

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