Fisher & Paykel GLW 11 washing machine problem

estherfanoSeptember 6, 2013

I have an FP GLW11 washing machine. All the agitator fins were broken and it started going out of balance and beeping. Replaced the agitator but now the auto water level does not fill right. It fills to a small load level. Using the High water level option does work though. What to replace?
Thank you,

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You must be severely overloading the machine. I have two F&P washers, one 14 years old, one 9 years. Neither has had any damage to the agitator.

There's a sensitivity adjustment for the auto water level function. Maybe someone (accidentally, or purposely) turned it to a low level.

Access the adjustment thus:
1) With power off, press and hold Start/Pause, then press Power at the same time. Release the buttons when the panel turns on.

2) The first five cycle buttons from the left -- Favorite, Perm Press, Woolens, Delicate, & Heavy Duty -- indicate the sensitivity level, increasing across to the right. Default "factory setting" is maximum Heavy Duty.

3) The Regular cycle button enables/disables automatic off-balance recovery. The machine tries to spin-up three times. If the off-balance sensor triggers each time, auto recovery has it refill and agitate to redistribute the load, then drain & try spinning again. It'll stop and beep for help if it still fails. The function is disabled by factory default to eliminate the extra water usage that would occur.

4) Options button is for number of beeps at end of the cycle:
Time Saver lit = 15
Soak = 5 (factory default)
Softener Rinse = none.

5) Water temp button has no function.

6) Water Level buttons are for how much water is used for the Shower Rinse on Regular & Heavy cycle when Softener Rinse is not selected:
High = more water +
Med = more water
Low = factory default

7) Spin Speed buttons are for what is the rinse on Regular & Heavy when Softener Rinse is selected:
Med = two deep-fill agitated rinses
Hold = spin-spray and one deep-fill agitated rinse

8) Advance button enables/disables the Controlled Cold function, which mixes a little hot water into a cold wash fill if needed to maintain minimum 60ðF. This is useful in the winter season in cold climates. Detergent does not dissolve or work very well if the water is too cold. The function can be disabled to prevent a fault code if the machine is used where a hot water supply is not available.
Enabled = Green light on the cycle wash progress
Disabled = Amber light on the cycle wash progress

9) Press Power to exit and save the settings when done making adjustments.

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Thank you for the speedy and thorough replay dadoes. It's greatly appreciated. It did fill now, but now on the last cycle. Spin cycle it does the unbalance beeping. It will finish the load, I just have to hit start again. I've done 2 loads and it did it both times. These problems did not start until the agitator broke. I usually do not overload, but I do wash comforters once a month in the machine, just one at a time, but they are large. The agitator bottom fin did not completely break off, just was hanging though, so I cut it off. Then the issues started.
Thank you again for all your time and response.

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It did fill now, but now on the last cycle. Did you mean "not on the last cycle?" ... meaning the 2nd load didn't fill to a reasonable level for the wash period?

Washing large comforters on GWL11, use the Delicate cycle, manually set High water level.

A broken agitator fin prevents proper sensing for the auto water level function. Resistance of the load against the fins during a series of test agitation strokes is part of the sensing process. Broken fins also contribute to off-balance incidents being as the load distribution will be thrown askew during agitation. Replacing the agitator should have resolved the problems related to it.

Is the load really off-balance? Do you redistribute the items before restarting?

Can't say if it's part of your problem without examination ... the tub support rods can get worn after some years of use and cause excessive off-balance occurrences. Replacement is fairly easy and they're not overly expensive, approx $80 for a set of all four rods.

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Sorry Dadoes. I meant: now on the spin cycle it stops and just beeps constantly. The same beeps if the machine is off balance.
I took off the top and checked the balance bars and they were fine. I ran the spin cycle again as there was about a half an inch of water at the bottom of the washer after I took the clothes out. I smelled a burning smell. Tipped the machine over on its front and removed the drain pump. The copper colored wires showed some darkening. I have a second FP GLW11 and I switched out the drain pumps and now it works again. Thank you again for all your time. I think when the agitator broke it must have put too much wear on the drain pump and that started to fail as well. I'll be ordering a new pump after the weekend for the other machine.

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There's no connection between broken agitator fins and a bad pump, the agitator can't affect the pump. It's coincidental that you had both problems occur at the same time. Happy you've solved it all!

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