Fisher&Paykel - WA42T26GW1 - not working properly

ejthunderSeptember 17, 2013

I've not seen any posts relating to my specific washing machine (Fisher&Paykel - WA42T26GW1) and I'm needing some assistance.

Several days ago noticed small water leak under machine. Machine seemed to still be working through 2 or 3 more loads. After that the spin cycle quit working and also not draining after completing wash cycle. There is also a slight burning smell (maybe the wax valve in diverter?). Anyway, it seems to be acting strange (for example: I ran a test load and found the tub wouldn't drain. It would begin draining for a few seconds, then stop. A few minutes later it would drain for a few seconds, then stop. This went on for 20-30 minutes and only drained a small amount. We manually drained in order to do some trouble-shooting underneath.)

We tipped back the machine and checked for drain pump and diverter valve blockage. None found. Associated hoses appear clear also Also performed ohm resistance checks on valve and pump. No opens, no shorts. Values looked within normal range of other similar posts I've read for similar FP machines
I've been unsuccessful in locating schematic diagrams and/or detailed service manuals for this machine so I feel in the dark.
I'm wondering what to test/check for next.
Any suggestions?

p.s. I've read on other FP posts about a diagnostic mode. I have been unsuccessful in finding any information in regards to diagnostic mode for this model. Are all FP similar/same for diagnostic mode?

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This is an EcoSmart model, newer than the GWL11 (and GWL15) that are usually discussed ... but otherwise the mechanics, operation, and diagnostics are largely identical. Some electrical test values may be different than GWL11 (but probably the same as GWL15), reference the tech sheet that should be inside the console.

Erratic pump indicates a pump problem. It has thermal overheat protection. If under an undue load (bad bearings, jammed with debris, etc.), the thermal protection will trigger and shut down the pump ... then it'll run again (briefly) when it cools .... repeat. The entire machine won't go dead, just the pump.

This can be confirmed by running the pump either by setting it directly to the final spin (with or without water in the tub) or running the pump in diagnostics.

Did you *remove* the pump and check up in the tub outlet for debris? Check if strings/hair are wrapped around under the impeller? Manually spin the impeller to check for abnormal grinding or resistance to rotation?

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