Is it possible to recess light in a beam?

LRy511March 12, 2011

I am renovating my kitchen. The obtrusive beam hanging in the kitchen will be recessed into the ceiling, however, this impacts the lighting. My sink will be moved down about 6 inches. The recessed light will need to be moved over. I would like to center it between the other two lights, but the recessed beam may be in the way. Thanks for your help.

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Need more information. You say the beam will be recessed into the ceiling. Is the ceiling coming down or the beam going up? Is what is shown in the picture a wood beam, a decorative wood box or a wood box surrounding a metal beam. If it's the latter you will be limited by how far above the ceiling the beam ends up.

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The beam will be going up into the ceiling. We took a peek inside from what we can tell from a two inch hole is the beam is wood and not metal and it is not decorative but holding up my sons bedroom.

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It is likely to be a major task to cut into that beam enough to fit a can light.

It would likely be far easier to move the other lights slightly to get an even spacing.

Or you could just remove them and put a better fixture up for area lighting.

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Then you don't want to make a hole in the beam big enough to fit a can and allow for proper ventilation. Rearranging the other recessed lights or going to pendants and flush mounts are your best choices.

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