laundry chute

tucsontwosomeSeptember 5, 2010

We are planning to install a small laundry chute that will go from the back of our closet to the laundry room that adjoins the room. Both rooms are on the same floor. Any suggestions on what to use to frame?


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I saw a similar design shown in the Building a Home Forum here - they had a cabinet that passed through the wall into the Laundry - The closet side had a tilt out door if I remember, and the laundry side had normal cabinet doors - we are thinking of something similar for our new closet...

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We did that and it's working out great! I really like the ability to pass clothes both ways.

On the laundry room side:

On the Master closet side:

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Not sure in your application how this could be accomplished as it sounds like a horizontal (same floor) vs vertical run (used between 2 floors).

Many builders today refuse to install laundry chutes due to the inherent dangers - #1- a conduit for fire to spread -typically from one floor to another

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