davidtay and all: diode led di-1101 k range strip?

SparklingWaterMarch 26, 2013

I saw these 3M peel and stick Diode LED at my local, large Fergusons showroom and was curious enough to write their name down to further investigate. "K range tunable color strips (2700k to 5500k)" is controlled by the K-Range dual slide switch (DI-1100). The system is low voltage and interconnects up to 10 feet per switch.

I am considering frameless cabinets. I want a minimal light bar to comply with 18" range to adjacent cabinet. These are 0.1 inch height x 0.4 inch width. 27 LEDS per foot. Sold by the foot they are cuttable every 4 inches. I've linked some views/description.

Have you seen them? Any comments from anyone who has them? Too new? I like their thinness and that you can color range the light as these ucl will be our main task light for the kitchen probably. I haven't run any cost comparison yet. They looked fine in the display which had marble counter top-no visible bright light reflection.

One last question: Can you run a tape like this up the side of a cabinet, over the range in a small box cabinet above the range-hood, down the inner side of a final wall cabinet and then onto the the wall cab bottom? How do you daisy chain these tapes across a range to get to the other side to allow you to be on the same circuit? This matters a lot to me before I order cabinetry, as if one can daisy chain through a cabinet over the range, than I better not use the stainless steel vent hood extension that some have recommended, but stick with over the cabinet.

Thank you very much.

Here is a link that might be useful: Diode LED:

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Do not daisy chain runs that are separated unless you want all the lights to go out in the event of a failure at the start of the strip. I had a simple diagram showing 3 separate runs in parallel in the ucl discussion thread.

There is more info on that thread.

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Thanks davidtay. I'll re-read it a third time to see what I haven't grasped to date. I do recall your parallel diagram but don't think I interpreted it correctly.

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