Backsplash - Rixi or WZ?

annie.zzJanuary 20, 2010

I need to figure out tile for the backsplash now. I think it's between Rixi Crema or Dore and Walker Zanger Gramercy Park bone or hampton beige.

The Rixi would be 2.5 x 5 and the WZ would be 2x6.

Not the best pics, but any thoughts?

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I like the lighter one on the right.

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collins design

I considered both these tiles (in different colors) too. The WZ will be a more modern look, because of the horizontal shape. The Rixi are more like scaled down classic subways. What's the rest of your decor like? Are you going for a more contemporary or a more classic look?

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Very pretty tiles.
My first choice is the lighter one far right.
Second choice is the one next to it (the darker of the skinny tiles). Are these the walker zanger tiles?

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@ staceyneil, I'm not sure WHAT my look is anymore! LOL.

When I started I was thinking more contemporary - light quartz counters, bar pulls, etc. I ended up with a busier granite, nickel knobs on top and tapered arch pulls on the bottom.

But now I'm somewhere in between - maybe more modern classic, if that makes sense?

Here's a pic without the pendants - lighting is the second pic.

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annie i like the one on the far right, also.

Can I ask what your cabinets and granite are? The cabs look exactly like the ones I ordered and I am having a heck of a time picking out granite! Yours looks great!

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thanks. The WZ are the tiles on the right, rixi on the left. I'd get the rixi subways, but the bigger samples are helpful in getting the color...
It doesn't photograph well but the rixi are more irridescent - closer to the WZ mizu line.
The WZ seem softer and I like the thinner shape. The WZ crackle is visually more pronounced (and looks more like old tile..)

of course y'all like the wz - it's twice the price!

cawfeegirl, they're medallion chestnut maple. The granite is namibian gold - same combo as marcy. I'd been looking at solarius, typhoon bordeaux and white spring but none of the slabs that I could find seemed right. This one doesn't have as much movement as the others (although it's got lots of variation) but it worked and I was desperate! LOL.

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These colors do NOT do well on monitors, so it's hard to be really sure, but when I first opened the thread all I could think was that the center taller tile in the first picture was way too yellow for your cabinets. That might be the light, though, not the tile.

Given the limitations, however, I agree with the others about the far right tile being a nice choice. It appears creamy and a little warm.

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pillog, you raise a good point. The rixi dore is yellower, but not as yellow as the first picture appears. (neither is the granite - but the dore picks up the golder tones in the granite.) I hadn't thought about it being too yellow for the cabinets, but I had worried about it being too yellow when the whole thing is tiled, especially after living with it for awhile. My DD is lobbying for that one though so I've kept it in the running..

I really appreciate your thoughts on this. :-)

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This is hard, and I think you can not go wrong with either choice. I'd come down on the lighter one of either Brand. I have the Crema and the Mandorla tiles here at home for evaluation. I also was recently looking at the Walker Zanger tiles in the showroom. My Crema seems to be creamy but not too yellow, and the craquel finish seems to impart some lightness. I was very pleased when I looked at these tiles compared to the Mizu, which as you point out, were twice the price (at least). The Grammercy Park collection is lovely, though, but a different finish all together (more like bone china). Good luck...beautiful.

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Definitely for me, the lighter one on the right with the more pronounced crackle. Love it!

Looking great Annie!

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Have you looked into the Adex Hampton line? It is a crackle finish and comes in a 2x6 size. Like you I loved Grammercy Park, but not the price. Adex was much more affordable.

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Walter Zanger has a lot of tile on their sale list on their website now. Some Gramercy Park antique linen (but I didn't see any subway sizes). May help bring the price to where you want it!

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I had been wondering how you made out with Raul and if you went with him. is that the tb granite? it looks beautiful whatever it is... i would go with the lighter one. my backsplash is due to be installed within the next week or so and i went with a light durango tumble marble.

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The WZ Gramercy Park has some killer trim tiles. Would you be using ny of those? Or just field tiles?

If it's just field tiles, then you could spare your budget and go for the Rixis. But if you're using trims, I'd see if I could swing the difference. That WZ GP is just incredible stuff...

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y'all are so nice!

spincrazy, I haven't been able to find the Adex in the stores around me - may have to try some more places.

petepie, I saw the WZ sale, but no, nothing in the colors that work. :(

Hi skeetie, yes I went with Raul. One bump - miscommunication about the overhang on the peninsula meant I had to switch the electric plan, but it's okay, it worked out, and I can't complain - my fault as much as his.
I wanted the TB but the slabs at OHM weren't what I remembered and Ankur was closed for a few weeks so I couldn't check there. They all had too much gray or too much red and green...

I ended up with Namibian Gold. It wasn't what I started out for, but it works well with my cabinets, and it was cheaper than the TB, which was really good for my overstretched budget.

sweeby, I'm not sure about trims, I've been trying to figure that out. The Gramercy Park trims are really nice but I'm not sure if they'll work in my kitchen - they seem more formal?

Oh, I showed my friend in Brooklyn the WZ and she looked at me like I was crazy. "You want tiles in your kitchen that looked like cracked old dirty tiles from the subway?"

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What did you choose. We have the same counter installed, and a bit darker cherry cabinets with a distressed finish. We looked at the Gramercy Park tile and love it but the price is 2K.... Too much for a kitchen backsplash. ( we might pay it)

Any help would be welcome...

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Hi everyone! Bumping up my own, very old thread. I never finished this! We had a family emergency soon after this, and the kitchen was put on hold. I'm FINALLY going to do this!

I came on today and noticed a post from gardenwebnewbie - also looking at the rixi, with a granite that is similar (same colors but seems to favor more of the golds than mine.) I think for both of us, the granite photographs much more yellow than it is.

Sooooo... almost 3 years later, what tile would you use in this kitchen? (I still have those tiles - and of all of them, the rixi crema has looked the best over time (in a subway.) I'm also thinking about a longer, narrower brick, or a random brick.

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bumping up

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Go for it. Check out my post "out of ABB" to see our Rixi.
Sorry to hear about ur family emergency - been there, done that. Welcome back.

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I have maple cabinets and what looks like the same granite as you (but mine is called colonial gold). I haven't been able to shop for BS yet, so I look forward to the responses. Hence my bump!

A2gemini - your BS looks great! I was always looking at your fabulous bench and quartz, but I guess I missed you bs reveal.

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Hi annie.zz!

Sorry about your family emergency. Hope all is OK now.

I am in the same predicament as you it seems! Your granite does look very similar to mine. :)

I am going to look at tiles today here in a bit and hopefully at a place that has some super helpful staff that will know just what I need.

I'll stay tuned to see what suggestions you get!

These two pictures seem to depict my granite color and tone the best. The first one was taken inside my kitchen and the second one was take at a tile place. How do you think it compares to your Namibian Gold granite?

Looking at these I am sure you can see how difficult it is to pull a color from it to blend with a tile...there are SO many colors!!

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Dilly- I haven't posted my final kitchen. Thanks for the compliments on the bench and countertop. Our table arrives Saturday so hoping it is picture taking weather.
Will be watching your choices.

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A2gemini - sorry to say I am burnt out from decisions. Can't pick a paint color, have to follow up with a zillion people to fine tune details and keep project moving. I am happy just using the kitchen and enjoying the new space. Shopping for stools, bs, window treatments, etc. seems like a chore right now, so I am holding off until I can have some enthusiasm for shopping again. The exception is homegoods. I've really hit it right and picked up some great pieces there recently. Table on Saturday! Wow! Can't wait to see it.

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