installing 110 light fixtures (made in USA) in 220 home (overseas

fatladyMarch 21, 2014

There are some light fixtures I love that I would like to install in our 220- wired house overseas. I understand I have to use different light bulbs- can I still use American light fixtures?

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Lighting has become very complicated in the last few years. What kind of lamps are used in your luminaries?

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I have no answer for your question. But perhaps can help you to find your own answer. In the USA, electrical equipment must be "labeled" or "listed" by a recognized testing laboratory as meeting their specified safety standards ( that is my abbreviated paraphrase) Two of those are UL and CSA.
So it might be advisable to first investigate if labeling or listing is required and what organizations are acceptable for that purpose.
While safety is not assured by skirting the regulations, in the USA, no one checks light fixtures that are installed in completed dwellings. So discovery of homemade fixtures is highly unlikely.

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