Ceiling lighting layout 13' x9' kitchen, 8' ceilings)

jms_OTMarch 23, 2011

Got the demo done on my kitchen down to the old bare walls, and am about to put cans in the ceiling before working on routing new junction boxes for UCL for the walls, new electrical, plumbing, gas, etc.

My question is this: How far from the wall should I cut the holes for the cans in the ceiling? I was leaning to only doing four in the ceiling to go along with the lone pendant hanging over the sink, but am OK with doing 6 cans if it needed. PS - the cans going in are 5". Do you suggest 4 or 6 in the grid?

My 'key' light was the one in front of the fridge (large blue box), 40 inches from the wall. Then I went 50 inches down the counter to just past the oven. Squared off the other two lights 4 feet to the middle of the open floor.

The last thing I want to do is starve the kitchen for lighting in this phase of the build. The cabinets are a dark cherry color

The open wall at the bottom has a door in front of the tall pantry, and at some point a small upper cabinet and narrow countertop on the other side of the doorway.

Upper cabinets are dark green, lighter cabinets and countertop are light green. Smaller shelves will curve in front of the smaller window at the top. Small pendant light will hang in front of the large window over the sink.

Colors are for illustrative purposes only

I'm leaning to put the first row of 3 right at the edge of the countertop (24"), and the second row of 3 48" off the first row.

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I think you will need more than 4 recessed lights for even coverage unless you like the 1950's style dimly lit kitchen. I would look at two groups of 4 or 5 each group on a separate switch.

Be sure to use dimmable CFL's and not incandescant.

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If you assume a 600 lumen output per can, to achieve 35 lumens per sq ft (overall), you need 6 - 7 cans.

Besides CFL, LED cans are also available.

The Cree LR6 works well and you could consider the cheaper CR6.

I used the LR6 as the light was much nicer than cans using CFL. My kitchen is better lit today than before, when I had a 7' ceiling with a recessed light box with t8 lights.

Some places (eg - California) require compliance with energy efficiency code (eg - title 24).

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FWIW, I think a mixture of cans, u/c, and recessed (over cab) lighting would yeild the most pleasant lighting without being over the top. Dimmable would be a plus.
I have a similar lay-out to yours and going with 6 mini lo-vo cans, u/c T-4's, and o/c T-8's. May switch out the T-4/T-8's for LED's for dimming function if I can find a decent color temperature.

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