LED bulb choices

a2geminiMarch 28, 2012

Down to the wire - We have to decide on our LED bulbs for our cans.


Cooper RL7 LED - good reviews 3000K. Uses a retrofit trim. Dims to 5% with LV dimmer. 636 Lumens 50000 hours

Ecosmart - screw in bulb - looks and acts almost like a regular light bulb with about a 1/2 second delay. 2700K. Dims - but reviews say does not dim as well as it claims (only to about 50%) 5 year warranty - but have heard of a few failing within the first year - red flag?

Phillips - Also have screw in models - again in the 600-650 lumen range - I think they have 2700 and 3000K

GE - New line of bulbs that either look like a PAR30 with a bunch of dots or a regular light bulb.

What has been your experience. Initially thought I wanted a regular screw bulb but am leaning towards the Coopers.

PS - I am getting a sneak preview of our lighting. With the 7 cans and 2 decorative lights - I think I will be able to see in my kitchen. Not so critical now, but with our family history of eye problems, it will be nice to have good lighting!

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I've been using the Ecosmart 575, which made by Cree. I think the Cree branded CR6 has the 5 year warranty, but if memory serves me right the Home Depot Ecosmart has only a 3 year warranty. In my area, at $25+tax the Ecosmart was about half the cost of the CR6, so I figured it wasn't worth spending 2x to get the CR6 only to add another 2 years to the warranty.

I don't have the dimmer, so I can't comment on that, but I love the light. It's strikes me as much brighter than the 575 lumens rating even more than my old CFL cans that had much higher lumens ratings. I also think it casts a nice warm colored light.

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Thanks Polie
I like the finished look of the Cooper but like the 2700K a bit better.
Testing both right now
I do plan on a dimmer

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