Anyone familiar with US Lanterns/Vivid Lighting?

artemis78March 7, 2013

We are purchasing an outdoor light and this is one option, but I can't find much about their quality or products anywhere. A local lighting shop carries their lights so we can see it in person, but just wondering how they are regarded (or if anyone else has encountered them!)

Specifically, we are choosing between them, Maxim, and Kichler, so I'd love to get a sense of how these brands compare to one another. (I think Maxim is lower end relative to the other two, but not even sure of this since prices are all over the place!)


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I could not find anything about them other than they are now the manufacturer of Vivid Lanterns. Sorry! Peke

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Thanks--I did go ahead and order the US Lanterns light last week, so we'll see how it turns out! In case it helps anyone in the future, price point through our local store was about the same as Kichler (online) and about 30% more than Maxim (in store) for the same basic light. (US Lanterns does let you choose from a number of finish and glass options for the same price, which didn't matter for us--we pretty much just chose the same combo that the Maxim and Kichler lights would have come with--but might be a plus for others who are more particular.) In the end the decision just came down to the fact that the US Lanterns light is made in California while the other two are China (though no clue if it is actually made here or just assembled here)--the designs themselves were all pretty similar otherwise.

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