Looking for examples of small utility cabinets for brooms, etc

NYMKJanuary 8, 2013

Does anyone have an example of a small utility cabinet? I think I will have about 6 inches of space left at the end of my cabinets (if I remove the wall that is between my kitchen and dining room). Is it possible for me to squeeze an utility cabinet? Maybe if I have it opening into my DR so it would be 24 inches wide and a few inches deep? Is it even worth it? I could always make the last cabinet wider but I hate having my broom and mop out.

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I have a 6" broom closet on one side of my kitchen and a 6" key cabinet on the other. I had the extra 6" that couldn't be used for standard cabinetry due to a beam so that's what we went with.



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Ours is 30" wide (actually 2- 15" cabinets together) and 7" deep. We have it on our stairwell landing, and I use it for the broom, Swiffer, and cleaning products. I know you are talking about having a cabinet at the end of a run, but you can see that even a shallow cabinet can house a lot of stuff. Not the best photos, and I don't know why the landing looks so tiny...



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Fishies, hope it's ok, just pinned your cabinets. I'm collecting all the fab kitchen features "only" found here on GW! Let me know if you don't want me to pin it. It of course just links back to GW.

Shelayne--does that cabinet interfere at all with the landing? Love the idea though.

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I have a tiny broom cabinet. It's 6x14. It does hold a broom and duster and some of my important stuff that I like to keep out of the way but handy yet. I wanted something larger to hold my steam mop, etc. but this is all we could do and it's better than what I had! The other side opens to the kitchen and is our pantry which is 14" deep. It opens to the side. It was hard to get all of it in one pic due to a tight space. I hope these pictures help (mess and all). ;)

Open Bottom:

Open top:


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Loving fishies - so roomy! What a difference those extra inches make!

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wow. thanks so much. are all these custom cabinets? these are exactly what I was looking for. I see Autumn4 even has an outlet in their utility cabinet. 2littlefishies, how wide is your cabinet? 24 inches? also love the TV over the fridge.

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Hi Bee-- I know--that picture makes it look so tiny, doesn't it? But really, it is not a problem at all unless we have a large appliance or furniture to get up or down the stairs. In that case, we made this a moveable piece. It is not built into the wall, but is attached with a rail. I have plenty of room to get by with a jumbo laundry basket, which was my main concern. In fact just recently DH brought up a club chair and a full-sized mattress from the basement, without moving the cabinet, and he managed just fine.

After seeing Fishies' beautiful broom closet, I want to hide in mine. LOL. Seriously, that is gorgeous!

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I think fishies has to be wider than that because it's on the other side of her fridge - I was looking at that too!

Re the outlet. Talked hubby into to doing that because I HAD to have it and in reality I don't use it hardly ever. I found out that if I had my phone in there charging then I couldn't hear it! That was my attempt to keep something off the counter. I do keep my camera, the USB cords, stamps, etc. in there that I don't want wet or lost or broken. My kiddos aren't tall enough to reach it...yet.

My cabinet was custom. Our kitchen is small and not well laid out. We took out a closet and had that pantry/broom closet built to open the space up a bit and add more useful food storage. I also have 2 pullouts on the pantry side that house the trash and dog food.

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No problem, Bee!

My broom closet is 24" measuring on the outside. It's not a huge space but it sure is great to have a spot for brooms, etc. In the small cab above I have bottles of cleaners, etc.

There are pocket doors that cover the TV when guests are here.

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modern life interiors


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2littlefishies - glad to hear that it is 24" because that is how wide mine will be.

Autumn4- i thought maybe you had a dust buster or a Shark electric broom that you used with the outlet. I have a Shark that I need an outlet for so thanks for that idea.

I'm sure it's been said over 1000 times on Gw. Thank you. You just gave me great ideas and save me countless hours.

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My broom cabinet is one of my favorite parts of my kitchen (and probably the most functional). It is about 8" x 24". We lined the back of the cabinet with pegboard so that we can move pegs and small bins around as needed. The pegs hold the broom, swiffer, and step stool. We use the bins to hold items like pens and pencils, kitchen string, rubber bands, super glue, and batteries. There is an electrical outlet that we use for the phone charger and also to charge my cordless vac. The inside of the doors are lined with magnetic whiteboard -- which we use as the message center for the house. I also use the white board for my weekly grocery list. The upper part of the cabinet holds light bulbs, extension cords, etc.

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SadieV - love the idea of a magnetic whiteboard. do you have suggestions on where I could get one of those? if not, I will just run a google search on it. Thanks for showing me the insides. I can only hope to be as organized when everything is done!

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Mine is 7" wide and pulls out. Imagine an 8' wide x 6" drawer and put it on its side and tuck it between the fridge and a small counter. It's on 2 rails just like drawer rails and pulls out. If it had been on the end of a run I would have done like the others posted. It was one of the things I had to have in the kitchen - a small place for a broom and mop. I have a shelf near the top with a rail for a couple of cleaning supplies.

no pics.

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Can anyone tell me the actual height of the bottom part of the utility closet? It looks about 66 inches tall. I think my KD and I might have a misunderstanding and she does not realize I need mine for brooms and mops. So I want to get back to her with dimensions. Thanks!

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