Sayde, sayde, show us your kitchen, please

honorbiltkitJanuary 7, 2012

This is a response to the call -- in a recycled kitchen thread -- for a presentation of sayde's kitchen, my favorite in all of KitchenForumdom, on both aesthetic and conceptual grounds. It does retain some of its original features, but recycled just isn't the word. And, although sayde seems to think it has been overexposed, I think it has been released in dribs and drabs, with larger concept being lost.

The photo that took my breath away was of the kitchen unfinished. The Vermeer-worthy combination of luminosity and tranquillity just seemed to make it its perfect self. Here it is:

As you might surmise, no KD was involved in making this kitchen. Instead, it is the work of people who listened to what the kitchen wanted to be.

So, it is my hope that sayde will be unable to resist so heartfelt an invitation to show and tell.


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You continue to make me blush!

Allison wrote a lovely piece about the kitchen for AtticMag. If you google "vintage gumwood kitchen," you'll see it.

Here is a link to one photo. Would be happy to show/tell if anyone wants to see or know anything.

Thank you so much for your kind words!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Here's a direct link: (thank you, Sayde)

Here is a link that might be useful: Vintage Gumwood Kitchen

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Swoon, thud...I just got a sugar rush from that simply stunning eye candy! Thank you so much for posting, I hadn't seen it before. I will stop typing now so I can scroll back up and gawk some more...

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Sayde's kitchen is definitely one for my "GW All Time Faves" list. Love it! Love it! Love it! There can never be too many photos of it.

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Sayde, your kitchen is never overexposed. One of my favorites since it is a wood kitchen. Your made me dream of a white countertop when I initially wanted a black one...still undecided thanks to you!

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Also an all-time favorite of mine, beautiful materials beautifully used, perfectly in keeping with the age of the house, perfect, sayde.

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Oh wow! That is a beautiful and unique kitchen. Thanks so much for sharing.

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Wow! I'm in love with this kitchen too.
Usually I'm not a fan of big (Mondern Aire?) type of hoods but yours is just GORGEOUS. I love how your hood matches the cabinets, it is definitely the prettiest hood I have seen.

The gum wood , and of course your entire kitchen, has sooooo much character. I would love to see pics of the rest of your house.
I bet it's amazing!

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I just saw the Attic link-i have one of those Rocky burr grinders too. I'm happy to see it on prominent display on your counter too! My KD wanted to hide mine lol (along with my huge vibiemme 70lb vibiemme espresso machine).

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*sigh* That is such a swoonworthy heart-throb of a kitchen. I have a mad crush on it. Glad it got posted again for anyone who might have missed it before.

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I had never seen this kitchen either and it is beautiful. Another example of why new is not always better. Beautiful job.

**jumps over to Ebay to search Simplex**

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sayde, I am going to try to chimaosu's post taken down, with the rest of the thread left intact. In return for this great feat, might you provide any insight on diy honing marble?

Meanwhile, I found this in my "drop box." Minus the countertop appliances, it might be from the 16th century, albeit with indoor plumbing. Sigh.

Cheers. hbk

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Again, one of my favorite kitchens too. It reminds me of a staff kitchen in an estate house. I probably say the same thing every time I post on Sayde's kitchen photo threads. :)

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**jumps over to Ebay to search Simplex**

I had to research them too, after working with Sayde. I purchased a copper Simplex on etsy.

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I don't know how I missed seeing Sayde's kitchen before but I'm so glad this got posted. Magnificent, truly magnificent.

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I just saw your questions about honing marble.

When ours was installed it was supposedly sealed but it was very blotchy -- and you could even feel rough places. My DH used an orbital sander with moistened fabric net pads. He went over the entire surface. It didn't take very long. Then we resealed.

I was surprised at how relatively easy it was. Now I know that if it gets etched we can fix it.

I have read so many concerns about marble getting etched. My own experience has shown me that although it can get etched it is easy to even out the surface again.

I am so glad that I wasn't dissuaded from getting marble counters. They are one of the things I love best about the kitchen. I'm not sure if my experience can be extrapolated to other kinds of marble. Mine is Eureka Danby from Vermont Marble Quarries.

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hbk thank you for calling for sayde to post more pics.
I am one who also missed this kitchen somehow.
WOW Sayde!

Making me want marble :)
Marble counters + cork flooring??? Formality of marble + casual cork?

Would it look weird?

What a special space, hope you are enjoying it!

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Very quietly elegant.
Peaceful and warm.

I can't wait to get my floors in. Cork. :)

Did you make or purchase your beautiful cabinets?

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Just went to the Attic Mag and read all about you.
Just absolutely beautiful.
You've reconfirmed my desire for glass doors. I have 2, 42" cabinets I bought on CL, and 2 from a job my STBX did. They're so perfect for glass.

Just another $$ dream. :)

Thank you for the inspiration.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Beautiful kitchen, sayde! I love the prints, the checkerboard floor, and that you kept so many of the original elements. I know there were reasons to redo the 70's update (from the atticmag link), but I love the look of that kitchen, too. Just wish you had a pic of those red formica tops!

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This kitchen is so wonderful in so many ways, it is just so fantatically home!

It looks like it belongs there and has been there and lovingly cared for...well forever. :^)

Sayde, it is such a labor of love and it shows. It's like a steaming cup of cocoa, wrapped in a warm, fluffy quilt, by a crackling fire, with a favorite book.

Mmmmmmm. *LOVE*

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Thanks again for the kind words!

Those red formica tops! I can still remember them. When we moved in, in 1977, the gumwood cabinets were there, but there were red formica countertops with metal edges. The walls were covered in grey plastic tile. The floor was white and grey linoleum. The top of the walls and ceiling were dark yellow. The sink was a standalone metal unit. It was so ugly that I couldn't bring myself to unpack my kitchen stuff and eat there. We ate out for a year while we saved to do the first "refresh" (that was what you see in the photos with the blue green tile - which we put in in 1978). As bad as that blue-green kitchen was, it was a big improvement over what we found when we moved in.

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sayde, beautiful kitchen! Every choice you made is perfect. Can you share the paint color on the wall with the framed prints?

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arapaho, just saw your question. The paint is Benjamin Moore Aura in Linen White but mixed with twice the pigment. I got it from My Perfect Color -- they will do mixes at 2x or whatever you want.

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What a truly wonderful and unique kitchen you have?

I was curious, do you love your Bluestar??


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Yes I do love the BlueStar. Was very nervous about getting it, and had never had a gas oven before. But I do love it. Love the burners, love the broiler, love the rolling racks and love how easy it is to clean. And of course, love the looks of it in my kitchen -- it just works.

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Are your uppers 42"? I'm trying to find pictures of 42" uppers with glass.


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The glass cupboards are about 60 inches tall by 44 inches wide. There is only about 12 inches between the bottom of these cupboards and the counters -- that's how they did it back then!

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Beautiful! It looks like a kitchen too. I have been looking at lots and lots beautiful kitchen photos that look like no-one would ever dare use.

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Mea culpa. I started this thread with a photo of Sayde's kitchen before her backsplash was in, and I still think it was especially Vermeeresque in that state.

Unfortunately, in doing some housekeeping on my picasa account, I managed to remove that photo from a public album, which is why that giant exclamation mark appears above.

Here is the original picture.

As you can tell, The Girl with the Pearl Earring has just existed left.

Sorry for the confusion. hbk

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Sayde what a beautiful and unique kitchen, I love it!!

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Wow, this is gorgeous! I don't how I missed this the first time. You've done a wonderful job of creating a period kitchen that fits the style of your home while updating functionality.

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