5'' Cans and LED Lights

frogsterMarch 25, 2013


We have 5" cans. We need help picking LED bulbs that will work well -- we would prefer warm (2700-3000), a decent CRI, dimmable and no delay. A few of the cans will also be gimbaled for adjustments. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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The new Cree A lamp bulb should work, though quite a bit of light will be trapped in the can. Alternatively, you could consider the Sylvania Rt series which will emit more light, is dimmable (not as good as Cree), but has a noticeable delay.

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Thanks davidtay.

We have spent some more time looking at this, and it seems like there are two additional relatively new alternatives that maybe we should consider. One is the Philips DimTone BR30 and the other is the LEDnovation EnhanceLite BR30. The LEDnovation seems to have better light quality.

We would welcome input on these two bulbs. It seems like there isn't very much discussed about them.


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