Pls review our kitchen lighting plan?

akcorcoranFebruary 2, 2013

OK, so I've attached our kitchen layout and wanted to check that we were on the right track with the lighting. All the cans are red, lanterns are purple, undercounter is orange.

We've planned:

1) Two pendant (lanterns) over center of island (yes, it's a little narrow b/c of orientation but I like the look,)
2) Four 4" cans on the corners of the island (how far to the corner should these be?
3) Two 4" cans over the fridge area (on the left, small wall - it's a full-size fridge/freezer.
4) A can over by the ovens (top left by the entrance from the butler's pantry)
5) Two 3" cans over sink behind a wood valence
6) Zephyr hood lighting
7) Under counter lighting throughout

Anything I'm missing or you would change? Thanks!

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Wow ... you are way ahead of me.. I just thought about lighting tonight and realized we had not planned any.

I would consider putting some cans along the sink wall.

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Robin Goodrich

Instead of having cans on the island corners and cans above the sink, you could have a row of cans placed above that walkway between the sink and island so they would light up both areas at once. That also depends on how large that walkway is and how much light your pendants will give off. Just an idea I read about the other day.

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What about rotating the island pendant lights 90-degrees? I'm ok with the 3" cans over the sink. Or even 1x 4" can. The under-cabinet lights are great for coutertops, because with cans, regardless of their location or size, will create shadows due to your body being in the way. The rest of the lighting I'd change. First, are the 4" cans 120-Volt, or Low-voltage cans? Low-voltage cans won't give you the light you're looking for. But either way, I'd make them 5". I'd pull the can by the oven back so it's centered on the doorway(it'll cast plenty of light for the oven), and I'd also put 3 more in a straight line(walking from the oven towards to the range), evenly spaced. Like "brooksms" said, centered in the walkway(which is about center of the aforementioned doorway). I'd also put 2-3 cans on each side of the island(between the island & range, and between the island & fridge area), again, centered in the walkway, evenly spaced. And eliminate the 4 cans you have around the island. Yes, my layout added 1-3 cans, but it lights the whole kitchen more evenly, while still serving the purpose you want. Also, the 4 cans you have around the island, being that close to the pendants, will create shadows over the island. And the pendant lights(depending on the size and type of bulb) might not be able to compensate for this lost light created by the shadows.
I'm a 9-year journeyman electrician, and I've been wiring custom homes for that entire time, just don't want you think I'm pulling these ideas out of my rear. :o) And like I tell people all the time, better,(and CHEAPER) to put more lights in now, than it is to add them later. You can always put the cans on a dimmer to lower the light if it's too bright.

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Thanks, everyone! I think the overwhelming consensus was that this kitchen was underlit! It's probably my fault b/c I'm much more a fan of lamp light than recessed/canned light but I understand the difference between task and ambient lighting!

I think I need to add cans to the walk ways - thanks for the suggestions there! I believe the 4" are supposed to be 90 watts each - I'll have to check on that. But, I think I need to add to the walkways and if I do recessed by the corners of the island, it's more for "drama" than actual task light.

And, yes, I think you're right that I need to turn the pendant lighting. It's odd b/c it's not the same direction as most people's island lighting but these are 14" lanterns and throw off a good bit of light - they should go with the length of the lighting, right?

The photo of the lantern is attached.


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Akcorcoran, love your pendant lanterns. Can you tell me the source?

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Hope you read through the LED recessed can guide for the kitchen. If not, the link is below

Here is a link that might be useful: Recessed LED discussion

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