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barb_roselover_inJuly 28, 2014

Since I am on a low sodium diet, I have had to give up one of my favorites--cottage cheese with fruit; cottage cheese with tomatoes & green peppers (just a few) I have been hunting in all of the stores for any low sodium cottage cheese to no avail. Finally when asking the dairy department of one of our local stores, he said he had one carton of a low sodium, low fat. Guess what, it still has 240 mg of sodium for 1/4 cup. Before this, I had bought small containers but rinsed them under water. This is not good, you know. Anyway, I bought this and thought maybe I could freeze small cups and be able to enjoy a small amount.and enlarge with the other stuff. Does anybody have any other alternatives? Seems I am always hunting for the impossible. Thanks in advance. Barb

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Well there is an alternative....make your own.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cottage Cheese

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How much sodium are you allowed per day? Or is it not per day, but per serving you have to watch? I think I'd be inclined to enjoy the cottage cheese I love (I love it, too) and severely restrict my sodium for the rest of the day. (If that's okay to do on a low sodium diet - not sure how it works).

Another idea would be to get a really mild soft tofu and shred it into curds, mix it into your favorite cottage cheese, let it sit for a while to mix the flavors and see if it would absorb/stretch the cheese flavors and be acceptable.

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The problem with making your own is that there is already a goodly amount of sodium in the milk. Hood, which has no salt added (lowfat), has 55mg in a 113g (half cup) serving, which is about the same as for the same amount of whole milk. Here's a table of sodium in milk and milk alternatives (I don't know the quality of this site, though).

Olychick's suggestion has merit, as there are only 9mg of sodium in a similar sized portion of (generic) tofu.

Everyone needs some sodium, so you could try to save your allotment up to indulge in cottage cheese, but you might also start looking for things you like to eat that are much lower in sodium. It takes awhile to get away from eating something one loves and relies on, but there are other good things to eat.

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Hi, Barb. I feel your pain. My husband is on a sodium restricted diet too. I have, however, found a brand of cottage cheese that is truly low sodium. It's the Safeway house brand, Lucerne, and it's no-salt-added and low fat. Do you have access to Safeway or a store that sells Lucerne products?

I don't shop at Safeway often, but every time I do, I pick up a carton. I use it to make lasagna, spinach quiche, omelets, stuffed potatoes, & add it to tuna salad and egg salad. It adds moistness without extra salt, so I use less mayo.

It's a great product and very useful. But, of course, it's also very bland. So when I serve it by itself, with tomatoes, for example, I give it a generous sprinkle of a no-salt-added spice blend.

I've also found Daisy brand cottage cheese which is 350 mg per 1/2 cup. Another brand is Nancy's Organic Cultured cottage cheese. It has 304 mg per 4 oz. It is slightly different from regular cottage cheese because it's got the tang that comes from using yogurt-like cultures.

Obviously these brands have more sodium than the Lucerne no-salt-added. But they're low enough to use in moderation without worrying too much. Plus they are definitely lower in sodium content than the 240 mg per 1/4 cup you've found so far.

If not, another thing I've done is the rinsing you spoke of. But after rinsing, I gently squeeze out the excess water by putting the watery curds in a clean dish towel (I have an assortment of lint-free towels that I wash with perfume-free detergent) or even a paper towel. Then I add a bit of cream or sour cream to moisten things up again.

Hope this helps.

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Yeah, I think I would just buy a lower sodium brand and enjoy it while cutting back elsewhere. Usually, it's a mg of sodium/day thing.

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Barb, here are links to the cottage cheese products I mentioned in my earlier reply:

Nancy's Cottage Cheese

Daisy Cottage Cheese

Lucerne Cottage Cheese

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There are new studies that show salt is not the problem it was once thought. But ---- if you choose no salt, then well - I feel your pain.

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Restricting salt consumption as a preventative action for healthy adults may not be necessary. But those with kidney failure, heart failure, and other medical issues really suffer if they ingest too much sodium. Many dealing with Meniere's also find relief following a low salt regimen.

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Thanks for the help. Live in the Midwest--no Safeways that I know of around here. Asked my local dealer about Daisy and he said their man had not been in for awhile but he would ask when he saw him. They had their sour cream but I did not see any cottage cheese. Doctor told me to watch the sodium and I do have some other issues that necessitate it. Also have issues with the soy, so I believe I had better leave that alone. Seems like one thing affects another. It is complicated. I try to follow the Mayo suggestion that I understand to try to stay under 140 per food. Don't know for sure that is right. A nurse told me that. I am a sincere label reader and live accordingly. Thanks again. Barb

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