LG 4801 / WP Cabrio / Maytag Bravos

greyhound119September 5, 2011

Our washer has died and I had to quickly do some research. Went to Sears and purchased the LG 4801 top loader, but have 2 weeks before it is delivered, so I have time to make a change if need be (just wanted to get it at the sale price). Having no experience with these new TLs, it is hard for me to decide...but the LG reviews tend to be better than the WP/Maytags, so that it why we went with that one. Would like to get one in the house quicker but no one will have the LG available this week. So, can anyone who knows these washers give me a better idea of how each holds up? At Sears she also told me the Kenmore 29002 was similar to the LG 4801. Thanks!

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I would not presume to tell you what you should do. I researched all HE washers for months, and chose Maytag over LG because friends and relatives who had bought LG had difficulty getting service when needed. I have been completely satisfied with Maytag Bravos.

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