Question - Brand of 4-inch Halogen Recessed for Remodel

yauponFebruary 13, 2013

I am in the process of a remodel and am trying to decide on a brand of 4-inch halogen low-voltage dimmable housing for about 50 lights.

My contractor is a fan of the Nora brand of this project, but I have found a supplier of Elite products that can provide the housing for signficantly less.

In addition, the trim the contractor is familiar with is Elco, and again, the supplier with the good price has suggested a comprable Elite product.

My contractor's preference for Nora is that with the installation of thousands of this brand of lights he has had no humming or complaints from clients. His suggestion is that I pay $15 - $20 more for each Nora housing to insure that the humming is not an issue.

Can I substitute the Elite housing for the Nora without a loss of quality, and likewise substitute the Elite baffle for the Elco for the same reason?

In addition, is one housing easier than another to install? Will the electrician have a more difficult time with either brand?

Thanks for your help.

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I only have 6 4-inch fixtures, but they were going through those halogen bulbs faster than I thought they should and the bulbs were getting more and more expensive. I still need them for my vent hood, but we replaced the halgens with LED kits. The look is cleaner, the light is better and they don't build up the heat that the halogens do. If I had 50 of them, I'd certainly go with the LEDs.

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