Amana or Frigidaire TL washer?

drnlsSeptember 22, 2011

Looking for a new TL, tired of the stench of current Frigidaire FL past 5 years. Researched Lowes reviews and chose TL with least bad reviews - Maytag Bravos MVWX700XW. Delivered Monday and started using - odd sound with back/forth motion. One problem is the clothes are more wrinkled than the FL - is this more prevalent with TL? We don't dry everything so that is a selling point. On one load my wife placed a folded shirt in the washer. When it was done the shirt was still folded - how efficient/clean is that? So now I'm looking for old style and found two models at local appliance shop Frigidaire FWS933FS and Amana NTW4600XQ. Both I believe are direct drive with agitator. Amana has extra rinse cycle. Both with 1 yr war and for $419. Looked at Super Queen but that is two hour drive one way. Service/appliance guy (owner) suggests Frigidaire (what he uses) also notes it is gentler when washing. He noted new regulations and this type washer will no longer be produced so he purchased 13 Frig models just to store. Any insight is appreciated, Nelson

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NTW4600XQ may be a discontinued model, it's not listed on Amana's web site. It's a Whirlpool-built direct-drive/transmission machine of the type they'd been producing for ~28 years until beginning to phase them out earlier this year. Direct-drive means there's no belt, but there is a three-piece coupler that transfers the driving force from motor shaft to transmission shaft. Even if production is discontinued now, there were tens of millions of these machines produced so parts should be available for many years.

Frigidaire FWS933FS is belt-drive. All Frigidaire toploaders are belt-drive far as I'm aware.

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Also, per the Use and Care Guide found online, the Amana model runs at reduced water levels (although not as low as HE machines like the Bravos) as well as reduced temperatures so as to meet 2011 energy standards. These reductions may also apply to the Frigidaire model depending on when it was produced. It's a common theme among most of the remaining agitator toploaders.

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So - is one better than the other? or should I look for something else? I have Lowes, Home Depot or Sears to choose from.
Thanks, Nelson

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IMO-It would be worth the drive to get the Speed Queen. They have the best warranty,faster spin(710) and the pressure switch can be adjusted. This way, if the tub only fills 3/4 full of water on large, you can adjust the level up an inch or so to get the tub to fill to the top for large loads.

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I found a store that sells the SQ only one hour away - they only stock the 311 and 412. Is either adequate or order one of the other two models? Thanks, Nelson

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The 311 is a one speed model
The 412 is a 2 speed model
The next model(432 I think) is 2 speed with a 2nd rinse button
The 542 is the top model,has a speed switch so you can select the speed. The other models select speed according to cycle chosen.

If you read reviews, some people talk about the tub not filling to the top. This is where you can adjust that yourself by adjusting a screw on the pressure switch.

Go to to compare models and read some reviews.

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