Source for LARGE crystal chandelier raindrops

LadyJane083February 20, 2013

I have this chandelier that came with my house that I would like to modernize a bit. I would like to replace some of the crystals for it. There are 3 tiers of large raindrop crystals - clear, amber, clear. The amber ones I would like to replace with another color. (turquoise, blue, gray, green - clear or opaque.)

The problem is they are very large 8" (200cm) and it seems you can only find clear glass that large. I need 18 total.

I have been searching the internet with not much luck. (besides wholesale from china) and even contacted some sellers who have told me they can get no larger then 4".

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Don't have a source for those, but you may have to look second hand and try different search keywords. If you can't find them, you could create a smaller clear raindrop at the end of a string with clear beads or beads in a color to match the glass. You could even do them clear but with a different shape. I love the different crystal shapes on my dining room chandelier, adn one of them is a clear teardrop.

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