Bosch Vision 500 W/D owners - still happy?

fluke67September 29, 2011

I saw the positive reviews posted earlier this year, and just wanted to check in with current owners before I pull the trigger on a set. I know they've been discontinued, but that does not scare me. I've been very happy with bosch appliances in the past, so hoping this continues.

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I have the nexxt 500 and I'm happy with the washer. I've had it 4 years. I don't know how much difference there is between it and the Vision 500. I have the gas dryer and I've never been crazy about it. It tends to roll things into a ball.

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Still love'n my Vision 500 DLX washer.

My old made in the USA gas Whirlpool dryer still works so did not buy a Bosch Vision dryer.

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thanks for the input - took the plunge, and installed the w/d last night. I've done about six loads (various types, including a wool cyle) and i'm impressed with both the washer and dryer. even though the washer cycles seem long, it's gotten my clothes noticably cleaner than the 11 yr old kenmore front loader it replaced. also, i love the steam refresh and wrinkle removal options on the dryer.

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