CFLs that produce an attractive light - Do they exist?

bellajourneyFebruary 6, 2012

One of our fixtures came with two 13 watt CFLs. The light that they produce is well, hideous. We then tried another CFL light that claimed to be warm and mimic halogen, but it was just as ugly. :(

Does anyone have a CFL recommendation that actually produces an aesthetically pleasing light? Or are they all terrible?

Thank you!

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I used Panasonic CFLs which have a better light color than Sylvania, Lights of America.

I would just buy a couple as they will be surpassed by LEDs such as the L prize bulb from Philips (which should be imminently available)

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Thanks, davidtay! I really appreciate your reply and will look into both of your suggestions. :)

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The cheapo Ecosmart 14w 4-packs sold at Home Depot look good to me - and are also small and turn on at nearly full brightness.

The GE "bright from the start" glass-enclosed CFLs (15w or 20w) also give off good light, as long as you stick to the "energy smart" version and avoid the strange-looking Reveal bulbs, which look nothing like the like-named halogen lamps.

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Just a comment on this whole eco/long life CFL scam. How many burnt bulbs of these to folks have piled up waiting to take to the disposal centre. Yes the price of them has come down, but so has their quality... lasts 7 years? yeh right. I even had 2 of them fill the room with smoke when they blew.I don't recall that ever happening with a incandescent.From now on I'm going to write their install date on the base everytime I replace one to keep track ...what a scam!

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CFLs often smoke when they fail. Dimmers with CFLs not intended for use with dimmers will often cause sudden failure with smoke and sometimes fire. It is not the fluorescent tube that fails, but the "ballast".

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