What kind of bulb for bathroom?

ereedFebruary 2, 2008

I bought new light fixture that goes over the mirror vanity. Its 4 bulb 100 watt max med size bulbs. Do I want soft white, bright white, daylight white, energy saver florescents, reveal? I want it to be alot of light but pleasing and true color as well. The vanity light is my only light in the bathroom and its 100 sq feet in size if that helps. I just don't know what bulb is best. Opinions from all you light experts please!

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What type of light fixture? Is it the type with four downward facing globes or the horizontal type with four bulbs, two facing in and two facing out. I have this type in one bathroom and I have installed four curly florescents that are the equivalent of 40 watts each. It lights the bathroom very nicely.

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You do not want to use daylight white bulbs. Daylight bulbs do give truer colors, with higher CRI (color rendering index), but they are not flattering to skin color. The light is a little too "blue", with not enough emphasis on reds.

For fluorescent, look for a bulb with a color temperature between 2700K and 3500K. The lower end will give better light for skin tones. The higher temperatures will give you a more "white" light, but tend to make skin look a little cold. If no color temperature is listed, look for a warm light bulb, with a CRI above 80.

For incandescent bulbs, I like to use GE Reveal bulbs. Soft Whites are probably fine as well, and less expensive.

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