Washing machine that's 27" or less deep?

TessinseattleSeptember 18, 2013

We moved into a home with a Sears Kenmore front-loading (model: 417.44102300). It was nicely built into an area of finished basement. Of course, the bearing and spider arm broke w/in a year of our living here. (Some web research reveals this is a common problem stemming from the placement of 2 parts of different metals against each other: One corrodes the other. More poor quality crap from China!) We were told the fix would be more expensive than a new model so we decided to purchase another. The trouble is all the new models are 30" deep or more, which is almost 4" deeper than the old model. We can't go any deeper in this space without knocking down walls. I understand appliance manufacturers are responding to demand for larger capacity machines but are there really zero alternatives for those of us with smaller finished spaces? We need a machine that is 27D x 27W x 36"H.
Love to know what solutions people have found.

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Speed queen probably shallowest domestic at 28 inch, which includes door that sticks out about 1 inch from cabinet. Smaller capacity Miele, asko and other European brands are shallower, but pricey.

Good luck refrigerators grew in depth too.

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Thanks, Laundryvet! Do you know if the Speed Queen dryer is also 28"? I was in a appliance store the other day and they found a shallow washer for me but then the accompanying dryer bowed out in the rear in such a way that the real depth was more like 30". Think we might be stuck reconfiguring this area. So frustrating that the industry standards can change, leaving people with fixed, built-in spaces with no options. We could switch to the European compacts but they are so much smaller, it might be worth it to do the work to enlarge the space. More hemorrhaging of $. And in the meantime, laundry piles up....

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