Kitchen lighting plan - need help with recessed lighting layout

powerpuff78February 19, 2013


I'm planning a kitchen remodel and I need help with the recessed lighting layout. There will be a pendant light over the sink and there is a 14" SolaTube near the center of the kitchen. I'm planning on installing LED undercabinet lighting under all wall cabinets except for cabinet #13 (next to the fridge).

I'd like some specific recommendations for the recessed lighting layout. The ceiling height will be the standard 8'. I plan to use EcoSmart 6" (2700K) LED downlights with GU24 base (I'm in CA). Here are some notes about the cabinets:

#2 - pantry cabinet
#3 - double wall oven cabinet
#11 - dishwasher
#14 - fridge cabinet
#16 - microwave cabinet
#18 - fan cabinet will have range hood with lights.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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I took a stab at the recessed lighting layout. Based on davidtay's suggestions of 35 lumens/sqft in the "LED recessed cans guide for kitchen" thread, I calculated that I'd need 8 cans (rounded up from 7.5), subtracting the light output from the pendant lamp (but not from the range hood lights because I don't know what they would be). The white circles are where I think the cans would go. I'm thinking that I don't need the can above the range hood/cooktop but then I don't know where to put the 8th can...

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I think you could round down and use 7 by eliminating the one at the range. That's what I did. I use the vent light for cooking. If I had put a can over the vent, the vent itself would be blocking light where I need it most.

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Thanks for your suggestion, lascatx.

Another question: do I align the center of the cans with the edge of the countertop (like in the previous picture) or align the edge of the cans closest to the cabinets with the edge of the countertop (i.e. 3" more away from the walls)? I've never had recessed can lighting before, only fluorescent tubes.

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I don't know what the rule is on this, but we put our 4" cans with the edge closest to the cabinet over the edge of the counter. That way, they shine right in front of you when you are standing at the counter. A 6" would get pushed back farther if you use the edge. Stand at a counter where you would work comfortably and look up. My thought is that you want the center of the light just in front of you and hitting the counter in front of the upper cabinets. To close and they wash the cabinet more than light your work space and too far back, the center of the light will hit your head rather than toe work area. Make sense?

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This question has been asked quite a bit. The final position depends on the location of your ceiling joists and the stuff above the ceiling.

You probably have more flexibility with the 6" CR6.

I'd venture a guess that the distance will be 28" to 32" from the wall.

Here is a link that might be useful: LED recessed discussion

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Thanks lascatx and davidtay.

I have read through the linked thread but I'm still confused about the target placement.

davidtay - when you say that "the distance will be 28" to 32" from the wall", do you mean the distance to the center of the can or to the edge of the can?

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Center of the can

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