Track light does not track well

cooperyangFebruary 7, 2011


I have 2 strips of track lights high up on the ceiling with 3 lights on each track. I got them from Lowes a few years ago and about a year ago while trying to slide one light on the track it broke off. As it looked ok with 2 lights I left it as is. Next one light bulb went out on each track and I replaced them and they still failed leading me to believe the contact is not good. Yesterday I took one track down and did not see how to slide the fixture on the track, I did not see a loose connection and the fixtures seem very fragile. Furthermore I cannot find the manufacturer for this. A label says E138385 model 14881 and a google search shows something by Evolution Lighting but there is no sign of a manual.

So just rambling, any ideas are appreciated.



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I haven't been too impressed with the quality of lighting fixtures offered at the big box stores. They seem adequate for rental properties, where tenants are likely to damage them in a few years anyway.

It's not for everyone, but you might try shopping garage sales in older neighborhoods for fixtures. When young folks buy old houses they often want to "update" them. They then replace high quality 40-60 year old fixtures with big box store junk. A few dollars and a little rewiring, and you have a fixture good for another 40-60 years of service.

But I have to admit, you're not too likely to find track lighting this way. :)

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