Which LED dimmer is better?

janesylviaFebruary 14, 2013

Which LED dimmer is better? In fact, I don 't need multi-location feature. I am going to buy dimmers for LED recessed lights, each dimmer controlling 3 recessed lights.

Lutron Maestro 150-Watt Single Pole 3-Way or Multi-Location Digital CFL LED Dimmer - White

Lutron Diva 150-Watt Single Pole 3-Way CFL LED Dimmer - White

Thank you very much.

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The diva

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Both should work just fine. If you like the Maestro features (little green LEDs showing level when on, and showing set dimming level when off, double tap to go to full brightness, settable fade off time), get that. If you like the direct Diva slide for dimming, get that. Price difference is only about $2 to $3.

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Thank you very much, David and Attofared. I prefer diva. But I checked amazon, home depot and lowe's online and found maestro has better reviews on all sites. So I came here for help. Looks like Diva should be fine.

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