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bobd_2009September 7, 2010

I'm considering purchasing a Bosch Vision washer and electric dryer for the following reasons. I love my Bosch dishwashers. The W&D will be stacked in a closet in the master bath on the second floor. From what I understand, the vibration from the washer in the spin cycle is minimal. I considered Samsung but the closet is short on depth and the Bosch will easily fit. Anybody have any experience with these models? Any advice would be much appreciated.

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I bought my Bosch Vision 500 w/d a month ago. I really like them. Honestly, I did a ton of research and settled on Bosch (ideally I would love Miele but can't justify the $$). Mine are stacked on laminate flooring and yes, they are pretty quiet and not much vibration on the strongest spin cycle. Also have a Bosch dishwasher for about a month and so far it's been wonderful. I also considered Samsung in my top 5 and was cautioned against it by a couple of dealers and repair people (trustworthy ones ;-)

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I have also had my Boschs for about a month. I am completely satisfied with them.

I did NOT do very much research-my washer stopped spinning while we were in the middle of having all 3 bathrooms remodeled, and I was too busy to devote much attention to picking a new machine. I spent an hour or two reading this forum, then headed down to the local appliance store where I'd bought all the appliances for my kitchen a few years back. I trust these folks to give us good advice and a good deal (General Appliance in Berkeley.) Our favorite salesman steered us right to the Bosch 500. He showed us the Mieles, too, but I liked the simplicity of the Bosch dials-and they were about $1000 cheaper.

My units are on a concrete floor in my basement, so I can't help you w/ your vibration question. My clothes feel really clean, and soft despite not using fabric softener.

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