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puzzlefanSeptember 9, 2010

I know that consumers report is very unreliable as their ratings depend upon subscribers only per ratings. Not once have I seen them mention the fact that energy savings don't come from washer design but due to the fact that there is no real hot wash. This is especially true of the computer controlled brands, models. In shopping for washers in general, has anyone seen a dial washer that has only three setting, hot, warm, cold and a setting for water depth? So far I have only found models with low capacity for this type of operation.

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Only Speed Queen offers a true hot wash when the dial is set to Hot, I think. This is on their top loaders. However, they have also lowered the max water level a few inches. It can be reset by the user but requires partial disassembly of the control panel. Some of their front loaders have a Boosted Hot setting of a 140°F.

Other top loaders probably all *suffer* from dumbed-down temps (warm = 85°, hot = 110°).

Front loaders by Frigidaire and Electrolux are very energy efficient - they receive top scores on Energy Star's web site - but their Hot setting is just 110°F. Whirlpool's forthcoming FL are even a bit more efficient so these will likely not get any hotter.

Fortunately, there are cycles and options on both TL and FL washers to boost the temp. Cycles like Allergy or Allergen, if NSF certified, have to heat to 131°F. Sanitary cycles go even higher. It really depends on the washer and which cycles and options it offers.

It's usually the best to stay away from the Normal cycle as it is usually the coldest, err, "most efficient" one.

HTH, Alex

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Thanks, that's about what I thought only I haven't found a washer with a sanitary or allergen cycle yet. I must be looking at the wrong price range! :-)

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There are several HE toploaders (Maytag Bravos, GE Harmony, a Kenmore, and an LG) that have onboard water heating and a sanitary cycle.

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