New Downy w/SilkTouch - anyone tried it?

izeveSeptember 28, 2011

I saw some new Downy FS that came out. According to the website: "�SilkTouch� formulation infuses fabrics with a silky softness that makes your everyday fabrics (and you) feel fabulous"

Has anyone tried it yet? Is it really different from regular Downy? Anybody tried the new Spring Lavender scent?

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Marketing nonsense. I think it is just their PR department, hoping people will think that Downy improved, or returned to classic, awesome formulas. I cannot believe the pig headed stubborness of P & G! There are 1000's of complaints on the website about April Fresh Downy being changed & ruined...yet they do not care!

And yes, my 2 latest bottles say Silk Touch...and no difference. Yet, same nauseating fragrance!!! :-(

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It's the same as Tide w/ ActiLift, Tide w/ AdvancedClean... it's all utter nonsense. Tide is trademarking new terms to slap on its bottles even though there is nothing changed in the formulation. I guess they have run out of ideas.

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Haha! That's exactly what I suspected. As to the fragrances, I never liked or used April Fresh so I was not affected by the reformulation, but I do like some of Downy's other fragrances and I do like the Free & Sensitive a lot.

I stopped by my local Target last night and they do not have the new Spring Lavender scent, so I still don't know if it's any good. One piece of bad news is that my Target discontinued carrying Vaska - I am very upset! :-(

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OMG! The other day I went down the detergent aisle for some Cascade Dishwasher Detergent so I had to pass by all the FS and such. I thought I was gonna be sick to my stomach. The smell just keeps getting stronger and stronger and more and more sickeningly sweet!! I only use Downy Free. I like some fragrance from the detergent but that's about it.

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P.S. Tide with Actilift is the same thing as Tide 2X Ultra; I found that out in my little researches. They just put different labels on them.

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