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rjr220February 23, 2010

Could someone tell me what the difference between Juno and Halo recessed light are? Other than money? I am looking at recessed lights for my kitchen. I've been looking at 6" recessed lights. There's been a discussion over on kitchens about using Alzak Wheat Haze trims, which seem to only be available thru Juno (maybe I'm wrong on that) -- and about the potential of using Halo cans with Juno trims. I've caught on that using the wheat haze decreases the reflection, and makes the lights less noticeable.

But since this discussion, I've been looking up at recessed lights. I've found that I haven't been noticing lights with clear reflectors (until I started looking for them) -- so, I can reason using clear reflectors instead of the wheat haze. Using Halo with clear trims is greatly less $$ than Juno. So, why do people go with Juno over Halo? I just don't know if there is something that I am obviously overlooking while I ponder this lighting question.

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A stocking distributor for a specific brand will typically be able to offer better pricing on the brand they have on the shelf when compared with ordering a product. Halo and Juno are directly competing brands and are priced very similarly so you shouldn't be seeing much of a price difference.

Juno has historically had the edge over Halo with a few nicer features and trims but like any competition it goes back and forth depending on which specific product has the newest design.

Halo haze and Juno haze are very similar. Cooper lighting (parent company of Halo) as far as I know only offers warm haze in their higher end Iris line. Juno and Halo 6" cans are not compatible. Juno is slightly larger in diameter. Besides that they are not UL listed for each others trims.

Only a few companies go to the trouble to list their housings for others trims or their trims for others housings. Elko has some trims that fit and are UL listed for Halo cans but not all.

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