any LED candelabra cool frosted light bulbs? dimmable?affordable?

huangoFebruary 19, 2013

Do such light bulbs exist? For an affordable price?
- candelabra base
- frosted
- cool white light
- and maybe dimmable?

I have 4 sconces in between my 5 kitchen windows.
Because of the shades, I need frosted light bulbs because the clear ones make a round pattern on the ceiling (like a big ol' flashlight).

I can find dimmable ones but they're clear, or they're warm (yellowish light).
Or they're frosted but they're warm light.

Should I get the non-dimmables now, waiting for more to come out as technology improves?

I find it crazy to spend $30 per light bulb!

thanks for your help,

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Have you checked out superbrightleds?

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